Conference Contribution Bringing Statistics and Film Studies together. Using cluster analysis to define a taxonomy of documentaries. Jornades d’Investigadors Predoctorals Interuniversitària (JIPI 2015)

Flash talk in which I expose the data-based methodology I used in my PhD thesis to review and criticize the taxonomy of documentaries  defines by Bill Nichols.

Conference Contribution Redefining participation in documentary making: from interpellation to citizen empowerment. Voice & Matter, 2014

Conference lecture in which I explained the theoretical contribution of my PhD thesis. From minute 3:30. The conference Voice & Matter was held between Roskilde (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden) in September de 2014.

Interview (in Spanish) “Proyecto Bibliografía”

Interveiw for the art piece “Proyecto Bibliografía” by Bárbara Sánchez, exhibited in Sala d’Art Jove de Barcelona, 2012.