About me


Hello! My name is Sergio Villanueva Baselga and I am Assistant Professor at the University of Barcelona. I am a multidisciplinary researcher passionate about film, culture, biology, politics, media and data science. I hold a PhD in Communication and Information Studies by the University of Barcelona (UB).

My research focuses on the participatory practices in filmmaking as means of social change. In this sense, I have studied participatory video as a cinematic process from the documentary studies perspective, but in my head also bubble research into citizen and community media, science communication and gender studies. My research stands upon critical theory but incorporates elements of both traditional communication theories and those of constructivist and post-structualist sign. I am curious about data journalism, data epistemologies and the application of data science to the study of the interplay between film and social change and protest.

I have a background in both Communication and Media Studies and in Biotechonology. Thus, I have worked in various science outreach projects with the Observatory of Science Diffusion of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). I belong to the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) and since October 2012, of which I am the representative for Spain of its youth section (YECREA). I am a member of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC), where I have co-founded the Working Group on Communication and Citizenship. I am also associated with the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC) of which I was its secretary in 2011.

I have been teaching for four years at the University of Barcelona, ​​where I also co-founded the seminary Media Theory & Media Studes with other teachers and students, and coordinated the Cinema Grup of UB. I have developed several teaching innovation projects in which I have developed methodologies to facilitate horizontal and divergent teaching.

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